Ladder Buying Guide: Types and Uses

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Ladders are used to lift an individual to a height that he cannot reach. Among the many reasons to need a ladder, a few of them include painting high walls and ceilings, to access your rooftop, and trimming a Christmas tree. But, what types of ladders are available? And which ones do you need for different jobs? Ladders have been transformed over the years to accommodate homeowners and contractors in their various jobs.

  • Extension ladders: this is one of the first types of ladders that most people think of when it comes to jobs around the house. Extension ladders are also known as straight ladders. These are the ones that you would use to reach your roof or anywhere high that the ladder can lean against. Hanging Christmas lights from the eaves on your home or a wreath above the door
  • Step ladders: this type of ladder is very popular since it can reach high spaces, but is self-supportive. Meaning, it doesn’t have to lean against a surface to be of use. If you need to reach something high in the middle of a room, this is ideal. Changing lightbulbs in chandeliers is one example.
  • Step stools: this type of ladder is very convenient in households around the USA. These are perfect little ladders to help you reach the top shelves in the kitchen, pantry, and laundry room. Or, maybe you just need a bit of a boost to hang a picture.
  • Multi-purpose ladders: manufacturers have listened to consumers and have produced multi-purpose ladders that fold, extend, and stretch to imitate several types of other ladders combined into one. If you are not sure what your future projects will need, then a multi-purpose ladder might be for you.

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