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When we think of maple, most of us think of maple syrup. But the maple tree makes more than just a sweet, sticky condiment. It is the basis for a lot of building and finishes in homes. Of all the maple species, hard maple is well…the hardest. Here are some facts about this well-known tree and its wood:

  • For those who know the Janka hardness ranking system, hard maple ranks at a whopping 1,450 making it one tough tree.
  • Due to its hardness ranking, applications for building ranges from flooring to cabinetry to bowling alleys to basketball courts and musical instruments.
  • The color of hard maple is a very light cream / white with undertones ranging from yellow to red.
  • The graining of this wood is fairly straight, but can be wavy. The texture is pretty smooth and consistent.
  • It is not a rot-resistant wood, so it is not recommended for outdoor applications such as a deck or outdoor furniture.
  • You can work with it using both hand tools and machinery. But, it has a tendency to burn if used with a high speed tool.
  • Due to its popularity, hard maple is the state tree to Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and New York.
  • The Sugar Maple tree is the source for hard wood.
  • It is in the mid-range for pricing. It is not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive lumber.
  • Hard maple stains well as a finish and accepts gluing easily. It is not a favorite among projects that need use nails or screws.
  • Tends to grow in a colder climate so is readily available in the Mid-Atlantic states. It grows to a height of around 130 feet.

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