Retailers have been accused of “inflated discounts” over the years: marking up the retail or regular price and then offering a “sale” at a discount when the products were never sold at the regular prices.

Here at Shell Lumber and Hardware we are Low Price Guaranteed!

Our bottom line price (the manufacturer’s suggested price) is true to each and every product in our Miami lumber and hardware store.

Shell Lumber & Hardware offers guaranteed lowest prices

We will match or beat any South Florida lumber, cement in Miami, construction hardware, fasteners, interior and exterior doors, most common tools, home cleaning and goods (and more) when you bring in the reference prices of a competitor’s identical items.

It’s misleading to purposefully inflate a reference price to trick our customers into believing they are getting a bargain. Determining whether a price is a good deal is time consuming and we would like to offer one of our Shell Customer Service Specialists to assist you upon arrival.

For many customers, price is just part of the deal: They also crave good advice and customer service. Running a top-notch Shell hardware store starts with recruiting well-informed, helpful staff. Because the best Miami hardware store salespeople must possess the knowledge of plumbers, painters, electricians, roofers, landscapers, carpenters and a dozen other tradespeople, finding and retaining a cadre of these professional know-it-alls is not easy. In addition, our hardware store has managed to stock just about everything our customers need, and organize this amazing jumble of products so Shell Lumber shoppers and staff can find them, and pass the savings down.

Just look for a Shell Team Member with a gold name tag or one of our staff members will introduce you!

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