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Corona-virus has put a hold to many major events that take place on a day to day basis. As we become more precautious for our loved ones, we miss out on their life achievements. Many have lost the chance to experience certain birthdays, graduations, or special dedications. In times like these, it takes creative ideas to create an impact on those who would have had a different experience per the circumstance.

One customer did just that!

When Gladys’ grandson’s 1st birthday started approaching, she came up with a creative idea to celebrate his life. With just a couple of sheets of plywood from our Lumber Yard and some paint from our hardware store, Gladys was able to design an outdoor sign to be placed outside her grandson’s home. Since Shell has a station for cutting wood into the shapes she needed, she was able to get a head start and get all of her supplies in the same place.

In a short time, Gladys was able to complete her project and piece it together to create this masterpiece:

We’re happy to be a one stop shop for our communities family projects! Here at Shell, we are dedicated to being a pillar in the South Florida region and assisting wherever we can. Wv have spent 92 years adjusting to support those around us especially as we tackle through the current pandemic. Visit us today to find out what you can do to give that special someone in your life the celebration they deserve.

We’ll update you to let you know how her grandson’s reaction!

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