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Did you know that one of the least costly improvements to your home could be lighting? Many people don't realize that the right lighting fixture in the right place can dramatically change a room's appearance. In fact, if you lack an extensive art collection or other accents, you can choose lighting that is not only functional, but a work of art. More bang for your buck!

Legendary Lighting Designer, Hivo Van Teal says "Any table lamp, floor lamp, torchiere or chandelier should be a work of art that illuminates and enhances a room." And Van Teal knows lighting. For nearly 40 years the Van Teal Family has been creating unique designs that embrace today’s diverse cultures, embodies the spirit of artisans and craftsman and beautifies a home.

Van Teal recommends Transitional Lighting the most. Transitional lighting is neither too modern or too classical and therefore enhances any room instead of blending into the background.

So here are three types of lighting to consider while looking for that special home lighting enhancement.

  1. Ambient lighting, also known as general lighting. Ambient lighting serves the purpose of illuminating a large portion of the room so that you can move around safely. It normally does not have a lot of glare and is comfortable to the eye. Every room should have one source of ambient lighting. Some refer to ambient lighting as “mood lighting”. Wall sconces, ceiling mounted, chandeliers, and recessed lights are all examples of ambient lighting. Add dimmers to obtain more control over the amount of light for each fixture.
  2. Task lighting. This type of lighting is more concentrated than ambient so that you can focus on specific tasks. Task lighting is used at desks for doing homework or office work, usually with a desk lamp. Under cabinet lights in kitchens assist in cooking and baking tasks. Table lamps help light up the pages of your book or laptop. Due to the intensity of this light, it helps improve concentration on the task at hand.
  3. Accent lighting. This type of lighting is designed to attract the eye to a specific location. If you want the artwork above your mantle to be seen by everyone that enters the room, then add a few spotlights or a track light pointing down on it. Lights inside of curio cabinets or glass shelved bookcases add a dramatic flair and highlight the contents. Some homeowners choose to add spotlights to their front lawn which light up the front of their home at night. Anything that you want to add importance to, or emphasize the meaning of, in your home should have accent lighting. Museums and art shows rely on this type to focus visitors on their displays.

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