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Ortho Home Defense 0464912 Roach Bait, Paste Carton 12 Pack

Item #: VORG9990219
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    About This Item

    Controls large and small roaches
    Controls large and small roaches
    Bait remains palatable to roaches for up to six months
    Clean snap technology bait stations

    Price is for a pack of 12
    Ortho home defense roach bait features our patented clean snap technology bait stations. When you hear that satisfying snap, the station is ready for action. Inside the station is a carefully crafted blend of food, water and insecticide. It's designed for unsuspecting roaches scavenging for their next score. Once we've lured roaches into the bait station, our work is done. Roaches naturally do the rest, spreading the bait to kill the many other roaches hiding in cracks and behind walls.

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