Item #: VORG6506513 - UPC: 605376170441 - MODEL#: NL170-G4

nyco NL170-G4 Finish Floor Enhancer, 128 oz, Liquid, Acrylic Polymer, Opaque White 4 Pack

Item #: VORG6506513
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    About This Item

    nyco NL170-G4 Finish Floor Enhancer, 128 oz, Liquid, Acrylic Polymer, Opaque White 4 Pack

    Slip resistance is greater than 0.5% coefficient of friction, meets or exceeds ASTM D-2047
    Floor restorer
    Spray buff for low- and high-speed
    Brilliant gloss
    Can be recoated

    Price is for a pack of 4
    Restore 10 is a dual-purpose floor enhancer and buffing compound which restores the gloss and appearance to any floor. Use as a mop on floor restorer for high speed and propane burnishing programs and also as a spray buffing compound for high and low speed buffing. Can be used on any floor and will increase gloss, appearance and durability. Highly mark-resistant, it will harden, restore and reinvigorate finishes that are worn from repeated buffing and burnishing. Use of restore 10 creates a more even level of appearance and extend the life cycle of any finish, lowering the overall cost of floor maintenance.

    Size Oz =128

    RESTORE 10

    Unit: EA
    • Boiling Point: 212 deg F
    • Color: Opaque White
    • Compositions: 2-(2-Methoxyethoxy) Ethanol Tributoxyethyl Phosphate
    • Density: 8.34 lb/gal
    • Finish: Gloss
    • Flash Point: 200 deg F
    • Form: Liquid
    • Net Content: 128 oz
    • Odor/Scent: Acrylic Polymer
    • pH Range: 8 to 9
    • Specific Gravity: 1
    • Viscosity: 25 cPs
    • VOC Content: 0.023331

    Application: For automatic floor scrubbing, floor enhancing, floors, high speed buffing, low-speed buffing, mopping, resilient tile floor, spray buffing, stone and terrazzo flooring
    MPN: NL170-G4 - UPC: 605376170441