Item #: VORG8935330 - UPC: 070663000334 - MODEL#: F26-33-12

Leech Adhesives F26-33-12 Construction Adhesive, Beige, 10 fl-oz Cartridge 12 Pack

Item #: VORG8935330
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    About This Item

    Leech Adhesives F26-33-12 Construction Adhesive, Beige, 10 fl-oz Cartridge 12 Pack

    F-26 is the most powerful and long-lasting premium quality construction adhesive
    After applying product to one surface, join the two materials to be bonded, pull apart for 15 to 40-sec, then re-join
    Parts are held in place with only momentary pressure and have fast hold
    Majority of bond is achieved after 24 hr but will continue to strengthen for up to a week
    After cure bond will stay flexible and strengthen with age
    Bond not affected by vibration or flexing
    Fills gaps to bridge voids and irregularities
    Smears will not bleed through paint
    Storage capacity over 12 months
    Price is for a pack of 12
    F-26® Construction adhesive is the premier, multi-purpose mastic for a thousand construction jobs. Easy to use and super-strong - the first adhesive ever to pass the American Plywood Association AFG-01 specifications for in-field gluing of plywood to wood flooring joists. It has also proved superior for use on treated lumber, especially in "hostile" environments. It saves you money through reduced labor and material costs.

    Size Oz=10


    Unit: EA
    • Applicable Materials: Fiberboard Fiberglass Particleboard Plywood Wood
    • Application Method: Gun Knife Spatula
    • Color: Beige
    • Compositions: n-Hexane Acetone Toluene 6 6-Di-Tert-Butyl-2 2-Methylenedi-Pcresol
    • Container Type: Cartridge
    • Coverage Area: 275 to 325 sq-ft
    • Density: 1.07365 Relative
    • Flash Point: -0.4 deg F
    • Form: Paste
    • Net Content: 10 fl-oz
    • Odor/Scent: Solvent
    • Specific Gravity: 1.06
    • Viscosity: 150000 cPs
    • VOC Content: 286 g/L

    Application: For home construction, remodel, repair, subfloors, door saddles and thresholds, metal moldings, electrical outlet boxes, name plates, stair treads, signs, shelving brackets, fiberglass and fiber board, loose bricks, tile, simulated brick, ply