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J-B Weld PLASTICBONDER 50133 Epoxy, Beige, Liquid, 25 mL

Item #: VORG7441470
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    About This Item

    J-B Weld PLASTICBONDER 50133 Epoxy, Beige, Liquid, 25 mL

    PlasticBonderΓäó is a quick-setting, two-part, urethane adhesive system that provides strong and lasting repairs and works on thermoset, carbon fiber composites, thermoplastics, coated metals, concrete and more. PlasticBonderΓäó has a 1:1 mixing ratio, sets in 15 mins and can be sanded after 30 mins. With a tensile strength of 3770 psi, PlasticBonderΓäó sets to a tan color and cures to a hard, permanent bond.

    Unit: CD
    • Boiling Point: 392 (Part A) deg F
    • Color: Beige
    • Compositions: Talc Silane Dichlorodimethyl- Reaction Products With Silica Zeolite 12-Propanediol Carbonate 44-Methylenediphenyl Diisocyanate 44-Methylenediphenyl Diisocyanate Oligomers Polypropylene Glycol Trimethylolpropane Triether 44-diphenylmethane Diisocyanate Polymer Diphenylmethane-44-diisocyanate Polypropylene Glycol Polymer (Part A) Talc Piperazine Zeolite 14-Diazabicyclooctane Oxirane 2-methyl- polymer with Oxirane Ether with 123-propanetriol (31) Silanamine 111-trimethyl-N-(trimethylsilyl)- Hydrolysis Products with Silica Propylidynetrimethanol Propoxylated Quaternary Ammonium Compounds Benzyl(hydrogenated tallow alkyl)dimethyl Chlorides Compounds. with Hectorite Isocyanic Acid Polymethylenepolyphenylene Ester Polymer with a-hydro-hydroxypolyoxy(methyl-12-ethanediyl) Ether with 2-ethyl-2-(hydroxymethyl)-13-propanediol (31) (Part B)
    • Density: 1.288 (Part A) g/cc
    • Flash Point: 100 (Part A) 200 (Part B) deg C
    • Form: Liquid
    • Net Content: 25 mL

    Application: For filling dents, bumpers, automotive trim, composite panels