• Removes adhesives and glue, crayon, pen and marker, gum, scuff marks, stickers and decals, asphalt and tar, dried latex paint, duct tape, caulk, tree sap, candle wax and more
  • Ideal for all kinds of hard surfaces all metals, glass, brick, wood, concrete, grout, vinyl tops, fiberglass, hand tools, most automotive surfaces, countertops
  • Comes in a wide array of sizes including aerosols
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    Use to remove dried latex paint, caulk, adhesive, sticker residue, gum, crayon, tar, oil, marker, pen, lipstick, scuff marks, candle wax, grease and more. Use on hard surfaces, cloth, concrete, metal, carpet and more.

    Unit: GAL

    • Series:Pro Strength
    • Type:Flammable, Multi-Purpose
    • Packing Type:Can
    • Dispenser Style:Sprayer
    • Form:Liquid
    • Applicable Materials:Metals, Glass, Brick, Wood, Concrete, Grout and Fiberglass
    • Capacity:1 gal
    • Composition:Acetone, Xylene, Ethylbenzene, Cumene
    • Specific Gravity:0.797 - 0.8021
    • Flash Point:-4 deg F
    • V O C Content:161 g/l
    • Special Features:<5 cPs Viscosity, 6.65 lb/gal Density
    • Standards:CPSIA Compliant
    • Usage:Used to Remove Toughest Stuff All Around The Home, Garage, Workshop or Workplace