• Batteries Num/Type : 24/AA
  • MAH Rating : 2,850
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    Formulated to provide dependable, long-lasting power. Use in toys, audio devices, flashlights, electronic devices, remote control communication devices, smoke detectors and security systems. Plastic label jacket. Up to 80 percent capacity remaining after7 years of storage. 1.5 volt, 25 mA continuous drain at rated capacity. Operating temperature 0 to 130 degrees F. Carded.


    Batteries Num/Type=24/AA
    MAH Rating=2,850

    Unit: CD 24

    • Battery Capacity:2779 mAh
    • Battery Type:Alkaline
    • Nominal Voltage:1.5 V
    • Size:AA
    • Standards:ANSI-15A Specified, IEC-LR6 Certified
    • Shelf Life:10 Years
    • Usage:Toys, Remote Controls, Flashlights and Tech Gadgets
    • Quantity Per Pack:24