Item #: VSHE7187495 - UPC: 075919000960 - MODEL#: FG96

DampRid Moisture Absorber

Item #: VSHE7187495
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    About This Item

    • Aerodynamic top attracts excess moisture
    • Moisture is trapped in spill-resistant bottom
    • Eliminates musty odors and leaves behind a fresh scent
    • Pre-measured Drop-In Tab is easy to load
    • Empty liquid by pouring out spout
    • Economical refills provide easy, long term solution to moisture problems
    • Ideal for basement, bathroom, bedroom, boat, camper/RV, closet, garage/storage unit, kitchen, laundry room, office
    Think of DampRid as a dehumidifier that doesn’t need electricity. It’s the convenient, all-natural way to absorb excess moisture in the air that can cause stale, musty odors, while preventing damage to your valuable possessions. DampRid’s crystals absorb excess moisture in the air to create and maintain the optimal humidity level in your home, storage areas, cabin, boat, car, RV or wherever moisture is a problem.