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1 x 12, Radiata Pine, C & Better, Kiln Dried, Surfaced on 4 Sides

Item #: VSHE11210CP
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    • Radiata Pine is a versatile timber; it is widely used for the full range of structural and decorative applications including framing, veneer and plywood
    • C & Better grade lumber is typically the highest grade of 2x4 nominally sized lumber, and many pieces are absolutely clear. It is suitable for remanufacture to moldings, stairway handrails, trim, cabinet work or a variety of other products where lumber of high appearance is required; this grade may also include grades “Better” than “C” grade
    • Kiln dried – moisture content of 19% or less
    • The board has been surfaced smooth on all 4 sides
    Radiata Pine, Kiln Dried, C & Better grade lumber. Often described as a 10 ft, 1 x 12 (nominal sizing), this product typically measures 3/4 in thick by 11-1/4 in wide. Appearance notes: Surfaced on 4 Sides.
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