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Safer 5163-6 Caterpillar Killer, Liquid, 16 oz

Item #: VORG8563918
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    About This Item

    Safer 5163-6 Caterpillar Killer, Liquid, 16 oz
      Safer brand caterpillar killer concentrate uses a naturally occurring bacterium to kill and control caterpillars and other leaf-eating worms. The caterpillars and worms that are damaging your plants will stop feeding immediately after ingesting the bacterium, which is known scientifically as Bacillus Thuringiensis var. Kurstaki (BT for short). Plus, when caterpillar killer is used as directed, it has no effect on birds, earthworms or beneficial insects such as honeybees and ladybugs.


      Size Oz =16


      Unit: PINT
      • Boiling Point: 212 deg F
      • Color: Tan
      • Compositions: Bacillus thuringiensis var Kurstaki
      • Density: 1.01
      • Form: Liquid
      • Net Content: 16 oz
      • pH Range: 5