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Oldcastle Mini Pine Bark Nuggets 2 cu. ft.

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    About This Item

    • Deters weeds.
    • Soil Conditioner.
    • For use around trees, shrubs and flowerbeds.
    • Retains water.
    • Moderates soil temperature.

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    Mini Pine Bark Nuggets benefit your soil and plants by retaining water, protecting plants from extreme temperatures, preventing the spread of soil-borne diseases and discourages weed seeds from sprouting. Its small chunks are long lasting, and when it does break down it enriches the soil with humus and other organic materials and nutrients. Mini Pine Bark Nuggets are especially beneficial to acid-loving garden plants like roses, hydrangeas and azaleas. Our Mini Pine Bark Nuggets are lightweight and can be spread quickly in the garden.

    Color: Brown

    Mulch Type: Pine Bark

    Product Type: Decorative Soil Cover

    Dry Volume: 2 cu. ft.

    Packaging Type: Bagged

    Package Size: 2 cu. ft.