Item #: VORG7032188 - UPC: 088685641145 - MODEL#: 24-64114

Lebanon Seaboard 24-64114 Weed Cntrl Refill2.5m

Item #: VORG7032188
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    About This Item

    Preen Lawn Weed control is meant to do one thing - kill the weeds in the lawn. It's not a weed and feed, this product is different. It contains no fertilizer. Take out tough weeds any time, any season including summer when the fertilizer in a weed and feed may burn your grass. Preen Lawn Weed control kills more than 200 types of tough lawn weeds including dandelions, chickweed, thistle, henbit, plantain, spurge and clover. It kills the weed to the root and won't harm your grass when used as directed.


    Size Lb=5
    Cov Sq Ft=2,500

    Unit: BAG

    Size Lb=5