• Now bonds better on Plastic, Metal, Wood, Rubber, Glass, Ceramic.
  • Stay Fresh Container
  • One Drop Applicator

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    One drop applicator. No mixing, no mess. For plastics, metal, rubber, glass, wood. Leakproof, airtight, stay fresh container with stand-up base.

    Size Grams=2
    Unit: CD

    • Type:All-Purpose
    • Size:2 g
    • Packing Type:Tube
    • Form:Liquid
    • Odor/ Scent:Irritating
    • Flash Point:83 Deg C
    • Media:Carbon Dioxide, Dry Chemical, Foam and Water Spray
    • Composition:Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, 2,2'-Methylenebis (4-Methyl-6-Tertbutylphenol)
    • Applicable Materials:Ceramics, Glass, Metal, Plastics, Rubber and Wood
    • Standards:CERCLA 40 CFR 302.4
    • Usage:For Household Repairs