Item #: VORG9375742 - UPC: 073502031773 - MODEL#: AH20065

HOOVER AH20065 Non-Stretch Belt

Item #: VORG9375742
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    About This Item

    HOOVER AH20065 Non-Stretch Belt
      HOOVER Non-Stretch Belt, For: T-Series WindTunnel UH70200, UH70205, UH70210, UH70130, UH70215, UH30300, UH30310, UH70200RM, UH70211, UH70212, UH70600, UH30310B, UH30600, UH70601, UH70605, UH70603, UH70140, UH70202, UH70604, UH71209, UH30308, UH70700, UH30302, UH70602, UH70240, UH70607, UH72600, UH70905, UH70909, UH70939, UH70905DI, UH70608, UH71209RM, UH70900CDI, UH70241, UH70210PDI, UH70930FDI, UH70930CA, UH70931PC, UH72600RM, UH72600WCA, UH72600W Vacuum

      Unit: PK2
      • Suitable for: T-Series WindTunnel UH70200 UH70205 UH70210 UH70130 UH70215 UH30300 UH30310 UH70200RM UH70211 UH70212 UH70600 UH30310B UH30600 UH70601 UH70605 UH70603 UH70140 UH70202 UH70604 UH71209 UH30308 UH70700 UH30302 UH70602 UH70240 UH70607 UH72600 UH70905 UH70909 UH70939 UH70905DI UH70608 UH71209RM UH70900CDI UH70241 UH70210PDI UH70930FDI UH70930CA UH70931PC UH72600RM UH72600WCA UH72600W Vacuum