Quickly and permanently restores stripped, worn or damaged threads to their original size and condition
The hard, stainless steel (18-8) diamond shaped wire inserts work in just about any part or material; aluminum, magnesium, cast iron, bronze, etc
The insert has a driving "tang" for installation which is notched for easy removal
Kit contains a Heli-Coil tap, installation tool, a quantity of inserts and detailed instructions, packaged in durable placon or vinyl pouches

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    HeliCoil Thread Repair Kit, 3/8-16 X 9/16 in, Includes: (1) Heli-Coil Tap, Installation Tool, Inserts and Detailed Instructions, Stainless Steel, 25/64 in Drill Size


    Size x Lgth=3/8-16 x .562"
    Drill Size In=25/64


    Unit: CD
    Inch Coarse - Card/12

    Size X Lgth=3/8-16 X .562"
    Drill Size In=25/64