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Hurricane Season Begins June 1. The State Of Florida is encouraging everyone to prepare by offering a Sales Tax Holiday from June 1 through Jun 7, 2018.

Some Shell Advice:

We had thousands of customers visit our store just prior to Hurricane Irma last year. It was unfortunate to see many of them get rationed supplies or not be able to purchase necessary items. Here are some of the items that sell out quickly just before a hurricane hits:

  1. Flashlights, candles, and lanterns
  2. Batteries (especially D size)
  3. Battery operated fans
  4. Coolers
  5. Gasoline tanks
  6. Propane (all sizes)
  7. Tarps
  8. Any strapping item - Bungee cords, ground anchors, ratchet straps, etc.
  9. Generators (of course)

Most likely, if you purchased some of these items for Hurricane Irma, you need to replenish your supply!

Fortunately all of these items qualify for the Sales Tax Holiday and all of them are available at Shell Lumber, Hardware & Paint. 2733 SW 27th Avenue, Miami, FL 33133. (305)856-6401