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Finally, you have selected the perfect paint for your bedroom. Now, the real work (and the fun) begins! Painting an entire room can seem daunting, but you can do it with some simple tips that professional painters adhere to in their work. We’ve broken it down step by step.

  1. Protect your belongings and furniture. Move items out of the room or to the opposite side if the room. If they are too large, such as your bed or armoire, move them to the center of the room and cover with a large tarp. No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen and you do not want your costly bedspread to be covered in petal pink paint.
  1. Mix gallons of paint into one large container. If you have a large room to paint and have several gallons of paint, pour all of it into one large paint container. Mix it thoroughly. This will ensure that there are not any shade variations from the small bath mixes.
  1. Open windows and bring fans into the room. It is important that you have plenty of ventilation so that the fumes from the paint do not affect you.
  1. Paint the ceiling first. If you plan on painting the walls and ceiling, the ceiling should be painted first.
  1. Tape off the trim and mouldings. If you do not feel confident in your painting skills, then apply painters tape to the baseboards, door casings, crown moulding and any other trim work. This will keep paint off of them while you paint the walls and ceiling.
  1. Begin by painting the edges, or “cutting in” as the professionals call it. Start at the edge and paint out with a bit of a feathering look so that you do not create drips or ridges. To make your life a bit easier, use a small container that you can carry around the room and dip the paintbrush into when you need to re-load.
  1. Next use your roller to fill in the rest of the wall. Work in small sections, moving the roller in a “W” pattern. If you run low on paint, do not try to push harder to get more out of the roller. It is best to re-load and continue. Trying to push more out of the brush will created ridges and bumps in the finish. Roll on a second coat if it needs it.

By working wall by wall, soon you will complete your painting project and your room will transform into the look you desire. It is amazing what paint can do to a room. It is one of the easiest, and cheapest, ways to change the appearance of a room.

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