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We do not call the oak the “mighty oak tree” for no reason. Oak is a very strong wood that begins as a mere pinecone and grows into a lofty, massive shade tree. Because of its strength, the oak tree was named the United States of America National Tree in 2004.

Here are some more facts about this magnificent tree:

  • There are more than 60 species of oak trees that grow in the United States.
  • These mighty trees grow slowly, with wide-spreading branches. Oak trees can live longer than 200 years. It takes at least 20 years for the first lot of acorns to be produced for a tree.
  • It is divided into two categories: white and red. There is a black oak, but that falls under the red oak category. The red oak tree is distinguishable by the gorgeous scarlet color leaves in the autumn season. The black oak tree has a very twisted gnarled branches and root system, with a very dark bark. The white oak does not have the twisted branches of the other two.
  • Its color is light to medium with prominent, identifiable, straight veining.
  • It is the most popular hardwood in the United States. Oak is used for construction, flooring, furniture, cabinetry and more.
  • It is a very durable and heavy hardwood.
  • The texture is coarse and uneven.
  • It is very rot resistant, so it is a popular wood for boat building.
  • Oak is easily cut with machine and by hand. It glues, nails and stains well.
  • It is made into barrels to age spirits such as wine, whisky and brandy. You have probably heard wine lovers refer to a wine as having an “oaky” flavor. This would be the reason why.
  • The Japanese oak is used to make professional drums.
  • The bark of the white oak has long been used for medicinal purposes.

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