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Clorox POOL & Spa XtraBlue 23005CLX Chlorinating Tablet, Solid, Chlorine, 5 lb 4 Pack

Item #: VORG7187347
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    About This Item

    Controls algae
    Prevents corrosion and scale
    Kills bacteria
    Removes organic contaminants for clear water
    Makes water silky smooth
    Protected against sunlight to last longer
    Slow-dissolving 6-in-1 formula

    Price is for a pack of 4
    Long-lasting chlorinating tablets. Slow dissolving 6-in-1 formula. Kills bacteria. Controls algae, prevents corrosion, scale and metal staining. Makes water silky smooth. Includes built-in stabilizer to protect chlorine from sunlight degradation to last longer. Skimmer, feeder or floater application.

    3" TABLETS

    Size=5 Lb


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