Item #: VSHE148PT1 - UPC: - MODEL#: GROUND.15 MCA

1 x 4, Pine, D & Better, Pressure Treated (MCA .15), Surfaced on 4 Sides

Item #: VSHE148PT1
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    About This Item

    • Pine is a softwood which grows in most areas of the Northern Hemisphere; Pine is lightweight, straight grained and resists shrinking and swelling
    • When appearance is more of a factor, D Grade will contain smaller, fewer, tight, sound knots and is virtually wane-free. It is most commonly used in applications requiring a fine finish such as flooring and wall paneling
    • Pressure-treated with Micronized Copper Azole (MCA) to protect against termites, decay and rot; for use in general applications with ground or fresh water contact
    • The board has been surfaced smooth on all 4 sides
    Pine, Pressure Treated (MCA .15), D & Better grade lumber. Often described as an 8 ft, 1 x 4 (nominal sizing), this product typically measures 3/4 in thick by 3-1/2 in wide. Appearance notes: Surfaced on 4 Sides.